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Have you always wanted to have your own website? Maybe you’re an artist, you have a small business, run a community group, a non-profit organisation, organize an event, or just want to have your own personal internet presence….away from the privacy worries of Facebook & Co.

You may even have gone as far as trying to set something up for yourself, but found it was too complicated and complex, took too much time, or the investment in software and hosting was too much for your budget. And then you looked for a web design agency to help you out, but couldn’t find the right one, or realised that their professional products and services were much more than you needed, and the costs more than you could afford.

You just want a solution that’s straightforward, simple and affordable, but also well designed, for multiple platforms/devices, easily maintained, and sustainable.
If you’re looking for exactly that, then let’s talk….I would be more than happy to help you create the internet presence you always wanted. A blog, photos, videos, your own music, an e-shop or something a bit more elaborate….it’s possible!
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